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Physical activity & health promotion

evidence-based approaches to practice

Dugdill, L., Crone, D., & Murphy, R. (2009). Physical activity & health promotion: evidence-based approaches to practice. Blackwell Publishing Ltd..

This book evaluates the realities and complexities of working to reverse the adverse trend toward physical inactivity. It is a well-rounded, evidence-based study of interventions for physical activity practice, covering a range of settings and target groups. Expert contributors present case studies which help to translate the theory into practice, from individual to societal levels, enriched by explanations of the socio-political context.

The first section covers the concepts for the development of physical activity practice; influencing sustained health behaviour change, explaining the role and function of health policy in physical activity promotion, and developing the evidence base for physical activity interventions. Section Two explores the evidence base for interventions in physical activity practice, in varied settings and target groups. Physical Activity and Health Promotion concludes with a challenge to innovate in promoting physical activity.

Uitgever(s): Blackwell Publishing Ltd.,


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Lindsey Dugdill
Diane Crone
Rebecca Murphy

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evidence-based medicine