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Olympic cities

2012 and the remaking of London

Poynter, G., & MacRury, I. (2009). Olympic cities: 2012 and the remaking of London. Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate Publishing Limited.

Drawing upon historical, cultural, economic and socio-demographic perspectives, this book examines the role of a sporting mega-event in promoting urban regeneration and social renewal. Comparing cities that have or will be hosting the event, it explores the political economy of the games and the changing role of the state in creating post-industrial metropolitan spaces. It evaluates the changing perceptions of the Olympic Games and the role of sport in the global media age in general and assesses the implication of 'mega-event' regeneration policies for local communities and their cultural, social and economic identities, with specific reference to east London and the Thames Gateway.

Uitgever(s): Ashgate Publishing Limited,


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Gavin Poynter
Iain MacRury

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