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Rugby world cup 2003

the official souvenir book

Clayton, M. (2003). Rugby world cup 2003: the official souvenir book. Southbank, Victoria: New Custom Publishing.

Twenty nations, 48 matches, one winner. The statistics are correct, but do they tell the whole story of Rugby World Cup 2003? Not by a long chalk, but if we add more than 1.8 million spectators at 11 venues the length and breadth of the Australian continent, well over 300 tries and nearly 3000 points from the competition's 440 players, the truth begins to emerge. The fifth tournament in Rugby World Cup history was, by common consent, the best yet. As it has done for the 2000 Olympic Games, Australia came together in a nationwide celebration of the game they play in Heaven. And when the final pitted the host nation and defending champion against the world's top-ranked team, the picture was complete.

Uitgever(s): New Custom Publishing,


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Matthew Clayton

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