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Designed to move

a physical activity action agenda

MacCallum, L., Howson, N., & Gopu, N. (2012). Designed to move: a physical activity action agenda. NIKE.

In many countries, physical activity is disappearing from daily life. It happened in just one or two generations in some countries, and even sooner in others. Our physical, emotional and economic well-being has become increasingly compromised as a result. The time for action is now. The situation today is an urgent one. It is imperative that we focus and align our agendas to move forward quickly. This document is designed to get everyone headed in the same direction.

Uitgever(s): NIKE, American College of Sports Medicine, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education,


Designed to move : a physical activity action agenda (23MB)

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Lisa MacCallum
Nicole Howson
Nithya Gopu

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