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Action for good governance in international sports organisations

final report

Alm, J. (2013). Action for good governance in international sports organisations: final report. Copenhagen, Denmark: Play the Game.

Since 1997 Play the Game has worked to raise awareness about governance in sport, mainly by creating a conference and a communication platform ( on which investigative journalists, academic experts and daring sports officials could present and discuss evidence of corruption, doping, match fixing and other fraudulent ways of behaviour in sport. In the course of the years the need for not only pointing to the obvious problems, but also to search for solutions, became ever more urgent. In partnership with six European universities and the European Journalism Centre they got 198,000 euro grant for the project which they dubbed Action for Good Governance in International Sports Organisations (AGGIS). They developed a new measuring tool in the world of sports governance: the Sports Governance Observer. In this publication you will find a number of scientific articles that explain the theoretical basis of the Sports Governance Observer.

Uitgever(s): Play the Game, Danish Institute for Sports Studies,


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Jens Alm

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