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Experiencing sport

reversal theory

Kerr, J.H. (1999). Experiencing sport: reversal theory. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

'Experiencing Sport: Reversal Theory' marks an important advance in the understanding of personality, motivation and emotion in sport performers. Eleven renowned contributors from Europe, North America, Australia and Asia present the very latest reversal theory research across a range of recreational and elite level sports. The book opens with an outline of the basic concepts of reversal theory and a discussion addressing some of the challenges and difficulties facing reversal theory researchers in sport. The contributors go on to provide detailed accounts of their own innovative research, the different strategies and measurement techniques they used, and how their findings support reversal theory and usefully contribute to knowledge in sport psychology. The book closes with a summary of general conclusions and a discussion about the future direction of reversal theory sport research. With its extensive review of the latest research findings, its presentation of a range of different research methodologies and its wealth of ideas for future research, this book is recommended for psychologists, researchers, teachers, and postgraduate students in the fields of sport psychology, human movement sciences, and sport sciences/studies.

Uitgever(s): John Wiley & Sons Ltd,


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John H. Kerr

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