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Low countries, high performances (Netherland)

Breedveld, K., & Tiessen-Raaphorst, A. (2011). Low countries, high performances (Netherland). In C. Sobry, Sports governance in the world (pp. 347-374) Paris: Éditions Le Manuscrit.

In this chapter the authors shed light on the way sports are organized in the Netherlands. The chapter is structured as follows: first they will briefly draw a picture of the Netherlands: its history, culture and socio-economic situation. Next they will invest patterns of participation in amateur sports, and the organizations involved (clubs, venues, fitness centers), They then turn to some of the key players in the sport policy area: the national government, the school system and the Dutch Olympic Committee. From there on, they turn to the organization of elite sports. Finally they will summarize the findings and come up with some challenges for the sport system in the low countries.

Uitgever(s): Éditions Le Manuscrit,


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Koen Breedveld
Annet Tiessen-Raaphorst

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