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Work, leisure and well-being

Haworth, J.T. (1997). Work, leisure and well-being. London: Routledge.

Most of us think that well structured, rewarding leisure activity would be preferable to paid work. John Haworth challenges this assumption and shows that the very constrictions of work, such as having to perform a task we would not otherwise choose, can be more rewarding in the end. With guest chapters from leading names in the field, 'Work, Leisure and Well-being' reviews the current literature and complements it with the latest research findings in these most important areas of adult life. It raises further questions too: if work is so important, why look forward to retirement? This book will be of interest not only to psychologistst but also to a range of professionals involved in social policy and the leisure industry.

Uitgever(s): Routledge,


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John T. Haworth

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