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Trophy women?

ngb leadership audit 2014

Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation (2014). Trophy women?: ngb leadership audit 2014. London: Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation.

This year's 'Trophy Women?' report, supported by Sport England and Hill Dickinson LLP, shows there has been a small increase in female representation on average across National Governing Body (NGB) Boards and senior management teams. However, that increase is not significant enough to create balance or to have a genuine and sustainable impact on sport. The overall percentage of women on NGB Boards in England has risen from 23% in 2013 to 27%. However, almost half (49%) of NGBs have less than a quarter of their Board membership made up of women and three still have no female representation at all. Last year, in order to accelerate progress towards making NGB Boards more gender-diverse, Sport England included an expectation in their governance guidelines for NGBs that their Boards should comprise at least 25% women by 2017. Only half (23) of the 45 NGBs who responded currently meet this target.

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Trophy women? : ngb leadership audit 2014

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