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The Netherlands

Hoekman, R., & Breedveld, K. (2013). The Netherlands. In K. Hallmann, Comparative sport development (pp. 119-134) New York: Springer Science+Business Media.

In this chapter the authors provide an insight in the characteristics of the Dutch sport system, sport policy, and sport participation. Special attention is paid in the last part of this chapter to sport facilities in the Netherlands and its role in enhancing sport participation. The structure of the chapter is as follows: first they describe the sport system and the structure of organized sport. Next they will draw a picture of the financing of sport in the Netherlands. Furthermore, they will describe the main areas of sport policy in the Netherlands and the issued programs and interventions. They then turn to the outcomes of sport participation surveys in the Netherlands, held between 2006 and 2011, and shed light on the trends in sport participation. In addition they pay attention to the role of sport facilities in enhancing sport participation. Finally they will summarize their findings and describe the main conclusions and main challenges for sport in the Netherlands.

Uitgever(s): Springer Science+Business Media,


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Remco Hoekman
Koen Breedveld

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