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'It's the sport that counts'

on homosexual participation in sports in the Netherlands

Janssens, J., & Elling, A. (2007). 'It's the sport that counts': on homosexual participation in sports in the Netherlands. In M.V.L. Badgett, Sexual orientation discrimination (pp. 253-266) London: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

This chapter presents the results of an extensive quantitative study of the participation of homosexual men and lesbian women in sport in the Netherlands. First, the background and impetus for this study will be outlined. Furthermore, the chosen research method and a few other methodological issues will be addressed. The most important findings will be presented and discussed in a thematic fashion and some more general conclusions and considerations shall be put forward.

Uitgever(s): Routledge Taylor & Francis Group,


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Jan Janssens
Agnes Elling

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