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Dropout reasons in young Spanish athletes

relationship to gender, type of sport and level of competition

Molinero, O., Salguero, A., Tuero, C., Alvarez, E., & Márquez, S. (2006). Dropout reasons in young Spanish athletes: relationship to gender, type of sport and level of competition.

This study investigated reasons for attrition in a large sample of young Spanish athletes and their relationship to gender, participation in individual or team sports, and level of competition reached at the time of dropping out. Dropouts were administered the "Questionnaire of Reasons for Attrition". Represented in the sample were youth who participated in the sport of athletics, basketball, gymnastics, handball, karate, soccer, indoor soccer, judo, tennis, swimming and volleyball. The subjects were drawn from different geographical areas within Spain. Scores for all items were used as dependent variables in a 2 (subject Gender) x 2 (Type of Sport) x 3 (Level of Competition) MANCOVA, with age at dropout as covariate. Significant multivariate effects were followed up with univariate analyses and stepwise discriminant analysis using Wilks' method. An alpha level of .05 was used for all statistical tests. Results of the study indicated that having other things to do was the most important reason for attrition. Other items rated important were related to dislike of the coach, perception of failure or lack of team atmosphere. Significant multivariate effects were obtained for gender, type of sport and level of competition. Univariate analyses and discriminant coefficients revealed that males considered more important reasons related to the influence of others while females placed more emphasis on other activities that interfered with participation. Aspects related to the team atmosphere and competition/skills were the main factors tending to differentiate subjects participating in individual or team sports. Subjects with different competition levels at the time of dropout mainly differed in factors related to fun and status. Results confirm that a combination of factors from a variety of sources interact to determine attrition and that gender, participation in individual/ team sports or level of competition reached at the time of dropping out influence reasons for discontinuing involvement.



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Olga Molinero
Alfonso Salguero
Concepción Tuero
Eduardo Alvarez
Sara Márquez

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gymnastiek (sport)