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Childhood socioeconomic position and adult leisure-time physical activity

a systematic review protocol

Elhakeem, A., Cooper, R., Bann, D., & Hardy, R. (2014). Childhood socioeconomic position and adult leisure-time physical activity: a systematic review protocol.

Background: Participation in leisure-time physical activity benefits health and is thought to be more prevalent in higher socioeconomic groups. Evidence indicates that childhood socioeconomic circumstances may have long-term influences on adult health and behaviour; however, it is unclear if this extends to an influence on adult physical activity. The aim of this review is to examine whether a lower childhood socioeconomic position is associated with lower levels of leisure-time physical activity during adulthood. Methods/design: Keywords will be used to systematically search five online databases and additional studies will be located through a search of reference lists. At least two researchers working independently will screen search results assess the quality of included studies and extract all relevant data. Studies will be included if they are English language publications that test the association between at least one indicator of childhood socioeconomic position and a leisure-time physical activity outcome measured during adulthood. Any disagreements and discrepancies arising during the conduct of the study will be resolved through discussion. Discussion: This study will address the gap in evidence by systematically reviewing the published literature to establish whether childhood socioeconomic position is related to adult participation in leisure-time physical activity. The findings may be used to inform future research and policy.



Childhood socioeconomic position and adult leisure-time physical activity : a systematic review protocol

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Ahmed Elhakeem
Rachel Cooper
David Bann
Rebecca Hardy

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