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The Netherlands

rising participation rates, shifting segments

Hover, P., Werff, H. van der, & Breedveld, K. (2015). The Netherlands: rising participation rates, shifting segments. In J. Scheerder, Running across Europe (pp. 187-207)

In the Netherlands, 13% of 6-79-year-olds run at least once a year. From a participation point of view, that makes running (after aerobics/fitness, swimming and hiking) the most popular sports activity. People see sunning as an activity that is easy to learn and that is good for one's health, and this image contributes to the popularity of the sport. When we refer to the definition that one is considered a participant in sports if one participates at least 12 times a year in a sports activity, about 10% of the Dutch can be considered a runner. With a good organisational structure that consists of a Dutch athletic federation, 300 athletic sports clubs, numerous running groups, professional (recreational) running-event organisations and new organisations on the running market (e.g. the military), the supply side is well equipped to match the increasing and varying demand for a variety of running activities (socially interesting, challenging, fun) and facilities.



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Paul Hover
Harold van der Werff
Koen Breedveld

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