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Generic scheduling of sports tournaments

Staats, P.D. (2014). Generic scheduling of sports tournaments. Utrecht: Universiteit Utrecht.

Tournament scheduling is well-researched. Recent literature focuses on specific tournaments, for instance the Brazilian football league or the Finnish major ice hockey league. All of these major competitions have specific settings, ranging from travel distances to television broadcasts. These settings increase the difficulty of the problem, but they also only focus on the specific tournament. We will do exactly the opposite, focusing on the basic problem and extending it with many smaller extensions, which will lead to a more general problem of trying to schedule a common tournament. The settings mostly focus on normal home-users, instead of the highest classes of sports, who will be able to create a tournament for for instance the local sports club or a tournament between streets. To schedule these tournaments, we created a web-based tool. Using the tool it is possible to set the value of a lot of settings; the number of teams, the number of rounds, different types of tournaments etcetera. Five different types of tournaments are acknowledged: the competition with (weekly basketball league) and without (weekly chess league) time constraints, the common tournament (football tournament on one location), the single round tournament (checkers) and the multiple disciplinary tournament ("straattoernooi"). It can solve the given problems using two different techniques; ILP and CP. We will show how we implemented several of the settings and how they influence the problem. We will of course also show some of the results of the tool.

Uitgever(s): Universiteit Utrecht,


Generic scheduling of sports tournaments

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Paul Staats

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