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Routledge handbook of sport communication

Pedersen, P.M. (2015). Routledge handbook of sport communication. London/New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

The 'Routlegde Handbook of Sport Communication' offers a survey of the contemporary discipline of sport communication. It explores communication within, through, and for sport in all its theoretical, conceptual, cultural, behavioral, practical, and managerial aspects, tracing the contours of this expansive, transdisciplinary, and international discipline and demonstrating that there are few aspects of contemporary sport that don't rely on effective communication. Including contributions from leading sport media and communication scholars and professionals from around the world, the book examines new media, traditional (print, broadcast, and screen) media, sociological themes in communication in sport, and management issues, at every level, from the interpersonal to communication within and between sport organizations and global institutions. Taking stock of current research, new ideas, and key issues, this book is a reference for any advanced student, researcher, or practitioner with an interest in sport communication, sport business, sport management, sport marketing, communication theory, journalism, or media studies.

Uitgever(s): Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group,


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Paul Pedersen

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