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Far right and media

Golden Dawn and the Greek sports newspapers

Koutsogiannis, A. (2014). Far right and media: Golden Dawn and the Greek sports newspapers. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam.

This article examines the case of one of the most extremist political parties in Europe, the Greek party Golden Dawn. It sketches the sport media connection with the Greek far right, focusing on the extent of references of Golden Dawn in the three main daily sports newspapers in Greece two from Olympiakos (Gavros, Protathlitis) and one of Panathinaikos (Prasini). The article examines to what extent daily sport newspapers refer to Golden Dawn by taking into consideration two main factors. The first one is to what extent daily sports newspapers refer to Golden Dawn before and after Golden Dawn’s representation in the Greek parliament in June 2012 and the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas, an anti-fascist rapper, who was killed by a Golden Dawn member in September 2013. The second one focuses on how these outlets refer to the party within this timeframe. At the end it discusses the shift in Golden Dawns coverage after the dramatic event of Fyssas’s murder.

Uitgever(s): University of Amsterdam,


Far right and media : Golden Dawn and the Greek sports newspapers

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Anastasios Koutsogiannis

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