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Sport and policy

issues and analysis

Hoye, R., Nicholson, M., & Houlihan, B. (2010). Sport and policy: issues and analysis. Oxford: Elsevier.

Sport and Policy is the first book of its kind to critically analyse the regulatory role of the state and its impact on sport and the intersections of sport with other areas of government policy. Offering a unique and comprehensive examination of how sport is affected by a range of government policy, each chapter uses an international comparative approach in order to facilitate a broad understanding of sport and policy in a global context. This book examines the intersection of sport with other (non-sport) policies from an international perspective including topics such as gambling, the media, social inclusion and economic development. This challenging text provides an accessible critical analysis of the intersections of sport with government policy.

Uitgever(s): Elsevier,


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Russell Hoye
Matthew Nicholson
Barrie Houlihan

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