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Comparative elite sport development

systems, structures and public policy

Houlihan, B., & Green, M. (2008). Comparative elite sport development: systems, structures and public policy. Oxford: Elsevier.

This book focuses on the identification and development of elite sporting talent especially in Olympic sports. It applies a reflective and analytical approach, and both informs, and is informed by, established bodies of theory in policy analysis. The book provides a comparative analysis and a broad and thorough coverage of the development strategies of leading 'sports powers' and policy innovators. Edited by well-established experts in the field, it offers the reader: carefully constructed chapters which ensure a strong analytical framework and theoretical approach; cutting-edge contributions from a number of world-class academics and researchers; a revealing and unique comparative approach of elite sport development in China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, France, Poland, Norway, New Zealand and the United States. 

Uitgever(s): Elsevier,


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Barrie Houlihan
Mick Green

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