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Qualitative research

theory, method and practice

Silverman, D. (1997). Qualitative research: theory, method and practice. London: SAGE Publications.

This book assembles a team of internationally-renowned researchers who share a commitment to rigorous, analytically-derived but non-polarized, qualitative research. The contributors reflect on the analysis of each of the kinds of data discussed in 'Interpreting Qualitative Data (IQD)' - observations, texts, talk and interviews - using particular examples of data-analysis to advance analytical arguments. Key themes discussed include: - The centrality of the relationship between analytic perspectives and methodological issues; - the need to broaden our conception of qualitative research beyond issues of subjective 'meaning' and towards issues of language, representation and social organization; - the desire to search for ways of building links between social science traditions and a commitment to dialogue between social science and the community.

Uitgever(s): SAGE Publications,


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David Silverman

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