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Elite sports: what is it good for?

the case of EYOF Utrecht 2013

Breedveld, K., & Hover, P. (2015). Elite sports: what is it good for?: the case of EYOF Utrecht 2013. In R. Bailey, Elite sport and sport-for-all (pp. 14-29)

In this chapter the authors set out to bring together some of the evidence for the impact of elite sporting events on grass-roots sports (and society at large). The outline of the chapter is as follows: first, the authors provide a brief overview of the existing literature on the effects of elite sport-events, and especially of the literature on the London 2012 Games. Next, they report on their work on the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) Utrecht 2013, drawing out the event, the research that was carried out as well as its outcomes. The focus throughout the chapter will be on non-economic effects of sporting events. 



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Koen Breedveld
Paul Hover

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