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Sport and the media

managing the nexus

Nicholson, M. (2007). Sport and the media: managing the nexus. Oxford: Elsevier.

The relationship between sport and the media is the defining commercial connection for both industries at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The media has transformed sport from an amateur pursuit into a hyper-commercialised industry, while sport has delivered massive audiences and advertising revenues to the media. As such, the sport media relationship must be managed.

Sport and the Media: managing the sport-media nexus is a unique text which combines an analysis of the sport media industry with practical sport media management skills. The book is designed to equip students within sport management and related courses who need to understand the nature and scope of the sport media nexus, as well as develop the skills to manage the media promotion and coverage of sport organisations. 

After using this book the reader will understand the:

  • Historical development of sport and the media
  • Current commercial and contextual relationships between the media and sport industries
  • Ways in which audiences and advertisers drive the media coverage of sport
  • Ways in which the media industry generally and the sport industry more specifically are structured to produce content/news/products
  • Ways in which the media represents sport in order to sell it

Uitgever(s): Elsevier,


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Matthew Nicholson

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