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Event management

for tourism, cultural, business and sporting events

Wagen, L. van der (2001). Event management: for tourism, cultural, business and sporting events. French Forest: Pearson Education Australia.

This is the book for anyone wishing to enter the rapidly growing field of event management. Event management is quite different from ordinary business management. Most business managers can make and learn from mistakes. Not so event managers. Events typically have high costs and high risks. Events must be right firt time. There are no second chances, and there are no opportunities for the manager to plan, organise, train, coach, empower and delegate over an extended period. 

Business projects and new product developments now culminate in events, while high-level business meetings, seminars, conferences and exhibitions are viewed as events. Senior managers realise that special skills are required for the planning of these expensive and often one-off occasions. And, of course, there are thousands of festivals, and many thousands of weddings, parties, celebratory and sporting events every year, all of which require exper management. 

This book covers all the skills you will need to become a successful event manager. From this book you will learn how to design, plan, market and stage an event. You will learn how to manage staff and staffing problems and how to ensure the safety of everyone involved. And you will learn what you need to know about legal compliance, risk management, financial control, and how to evaluate the success of the events you stage. 

Uitgever(s): Pearson Education Australia,


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Lynn van der Wagen

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