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An athlete's guide to agents

fourth edition

Ruxin, R.H. (2004). An athlete's guide to agents: fourth edition. Sudburry: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

An Athlete's Guide to Agents, Fourth Edition is designed to better prepare athletes and their families to screen, select, and work with an agent and other advisers who will guide the athlete around the business minefields and into the sports gold mines. This substantially revised fourth edition examines agent services and fees, financial management, insurance, endorsements, The dilemma of replacing an agent, renegotiating and holding out, NCAA regulations, and other topics of interest to pre-professional and professional athletes in the U.S. And across the globe. In essence, this book is a "caution" label on the package of useful services an agent will try to sell to an athlete.

Uitgever(s): Jones and Bartlett Publishers,


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Robert Ruxin

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