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Power play

sport, the media & popular culture

Boyle, R., & Haynes, R. (2000). Power play: sport, the media & popular culture. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited.

Sport has been one of the great passions of the 20th century. Politically, economically and culturally sport has mattered to millions of people around the world. Over this period sport has become increasingly interlinked with the media, initially newspapers, then radio and more recently television. 

Combining new and original material with an overview of the developing field of media sport, this book examines the way in which the media has increasingly come to dominate how sport is played, organized and thought about in society. It traces the historical evolution of the relationship between sport and the media and examines the complex business relationships that have grown up around television, sponsors and sport. 

The book also examines the role mediated sport plays in the construction of identities of race, gender and nationality. Other areas covered include sports stars and the media; sports journalism and sports fandom. 

Sports programming has become one of the key battlegrounds between broadcasters as new delivery systems have increased competition in the media marketplace. What impact is this having on the role of sport in society? As both media and sport become increasingly global are we seeing the erosion of natioinal difference between countries?

Uitgever(s): Pearson Education Limited,


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Raymond Boyle
Richard Haynes

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