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Olympic Games impact study - London 2012

games-time report

University of East London (2013). Olympic Games impact study - London 2012: games-time report. London: University of East London.

The Olympic Games Impact Study (OGI) was born from the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) desire to develop an objective and scientific analysis of the impact of each edition of the Games. The study provides a record both of the individual nature of each Olympiad and its host context. The IOC receives the OGI reports and by this means the IOC can build up a detailed and tangible information base on the effects and legacy of each Games. London is the first Host City of the Olympiad to be mandated to carry out the study. This document is the Games-time Report; it provides a documentation and evaluation of indicators for the period 2003 to 2012. The Host London Boroughs has expanded from five to six as Barking and Dagenham was officially recognised as a Host Borough in 2011. This report supersedes the Pre-Games Report. A Post-Games Report will be issued in 2015.

Uitgever(s): University of East London,


Olympic Games impact study - London 2012 : games-time report

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University of East London

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