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Exposure to air pollutants during physical activity

Ramos, C. (2016). Exposure to air pollutants during physical activity. Delft: Technische Universiteit Delft.

The context for this thesis is the concern that people who practice physical activity are more susceptible to air pollution. For the studies presented here, three perspectives of physical activity were considered: in indoor, i) physical activity in fitness centers; in outdoor ii) the use of bicycle in cycle paths; and iii) active transportation. Knowing the effects that air pollution has in the respiratory function, the increased VE (Minute Ventilation) that practitioners experience during exercise, lead to higher inhaled doses of air pollutants. The primary aim of this thesis is to provide information that is needed to deal with air pollutants and to come to better and healthier choices while practice physical activity in indoor and outdoor environments. It is clear that the sport facilities have to be correctly designed, with the aim of reduction of risk exposure and enhancing the benefits of exercise. 

Uitgever(s): Technische Universiteit Delft,


Exposure to air pollutants during physical activity

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Carla Ramos

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