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Mountain bike action kit

Bleeker, J. (1990). Mountain bike action kit. Washington: The Bicycle Federation of America.

The development and popularity of mountain bikes has spawned a new form of outdoor recreation - and that has brought with it some problems. Anyone who ride off-road regularly will know mountain bikes are not always welcome on trails and that some places have banned the use of bikes altogether. This guide is designed to help you get and keep trials open to mountain bicyclists - not trough confrontation and fights, but trough cooperation. A longer-lasting ad more satisfactory soluction should result from this approach. Equally improtant, however, this 'action kit' is for everyone who wants to see mountain biking accepted as a legitimate recreational activity on public lands. It is better to promote responsible use of trails before people start talking about bans and to avoid a fight to maintain access because bicycles have gotten a bad name.

Uitgever(s): The Bicycle Federation of America,


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Jan Bleeker

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