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Striking the right balance

effectiveness of anti-doping policies

Hon, O. de (2016). Striking the right balance: effectiveness of anti-doping policies. Utrecht: Universiteit Utrecht.

Doping, and anti-doping, is in the news on a continuous basis. At the core of these stories and discussions is the question how effective anti-doping policies are to curb the use of doping in sports. Anti-doping policies are based on ethical values, a juridical framework, laboratory analyses, educational efforts and the input of numerous other scientific disciplines. An evaluation of the effectiveness of these policies can only be made when this multidisciplinary aspect is truly appreciated. In this thesis various aspects of anti-doping policies are discussed, with specific emphasis on the extent of doping use (both intentional and unintentional), the effectiveness of doping substances and methods, and the consequences of current policies. Valuable evaluations of the effectiveness of anti-doping policies can be performed, and the must be performed far more often. It is clear that improvements in the anti-doping framework can and should be made in order to strengthen it and to strike the right balance between all aspects that play a role in this intricate topic. The issue of doping in sports is just too important not to do that.

Uitgever(s): Universiteit Utrecht,


Striking the right balance : effectiveness of anti-doping policies

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Olivier de Hon

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