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Sport, health and quality of life

social studies collection

no. 26

Moscoso Sánchez, D., & Moyano Estrada, E. (2009). Sport, health and quality of life: social studies collection, no. 26. Barcelona: The "la Caixa" Foundation.

The present study begins from an apparent contradiction: although the benefits of practicing sport on health and quality of life are widely known, the practice of sport does not form part of the daily habits of the majority of the Spanish population. Sedentary jobs, lack of free time and passive leisure activities explain the discrepancy between the importance attributed to sport and its lack of practice. The study examines these issues. Its objectives are to measure the frequency of sedentary lifestyles in the population, what benefits people from the practice of sport and what the principal obstacles to its practice are. The study also examines how physical activity and sport contribute to improving individuals' perceptions of their health and well-being. The analysis is from a social perspective and broadens the traditional biological or medical focus on these issues. It thus, includes dimensions which refer to mood and the enrichment of social networks. To do this, the study examines the beliefs that positively and negatively affect the practice of sport. With this study, "la Caixa" Social Projects intends to stimulate discussion on the value of physical activity and sport in improving the quality of life of individuals, as well as providing keys to help in designing better programmes and measures for promoting more active lifestyles.

Uitgever(s): The "la Caixa" Foundation,


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David Moscoso Sánchez
Eduardo Moyano Estrada

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