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Study on gender-based violence in sport

final report

Mergaert, L., Arnaut, C., Vertommen, T., & Lang, M. (2016). Study on gender-based violence in sport: final report. Brussels: European Commission.

This study provides an overview of the legal and policy frameworks in the Member States, describes initiatives promoted by sport organisations, identifies best practices in fighting gender-based violence in sport and makes concrete recommendations for future actions, targeting different actors, from the European Commission to the Member States and sport organisations. The focus of the study was on the coach-athlete relationship, the entourage of the athlete (managers, doctors, physiotherapists etc. ) and the peer –to-peer athlete relationship.

Uitgever(s): European Commission,


Study on gender-based violence in sport : final report

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Lut Mergaert
Catarina Arnaut
Tine Vertommen
Melanie Lang

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