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the Dutch parathletics team's journey to Rio 2016

Hondebrink, I., & Wiesenhaan, H. (2016). Capacity: the Dutch parathletics team's journey to Rio 2016. Nijmegen: Inge Hondebrink.

The authors followed 13 Dutch top athletes in the run-up and during the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016, from the Dutch National Sports Centre Papendal to Quatar, South Africa, Switzerland, Spain and Germany to destination Brasil. They shared their lives for one year in training sessions, operating theatres, bedrooms and drug testing. This book demonstrates the athletes' perseverance, pain and stamina. All are professional athletes, with full support of the Dutch Olympic Committee, which means they receive an income for their fulltime dedication. Their aims were clear: to get to the Games and deliver the best effort. Some achieved this better than others, which is just how it goes in elite sports. This book tells their story: it's a glimpse into the life of Paralympic athletes. It sets out to inspire others to partake, with or without a handicap, in sports.

Uitgever(s): Inge Hondebrink, Hélène Wiesenhaan,


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Inge Hondebrink
Hélène Wiesenhaan

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