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The smart guide to synthetic sports fields rubber infill

Sheppard, M. (2017). The smart guide to synthetic sports fields rubber infill. South Melbourne, Victoria: Smart Connection Consultancy.

The popularity of synthetic sports surfaces used by many sports, local governments and within the education sector in Australia has significantly grown in the last two decades to complement the natural turf fields. This enables the local community to participate in sport when the demand on natural fields cannot be accommodated. There are some community groups who have concerns about aspects of the synthetic sports field systems having a negative impact on the players, the environment and the community. Media raised these concerns yet a gap in their coverage are the lack of facts. The aim of this Smart Guide is to address this gap and provide objective evidence from around the globe to assist organisations with their decisions to embrace the technology to supplement their natural turf fields. It is anticipated that this should guide community groups in appreciating the benefits and use of such investments.  

Uitgever(s): Smart Connection Consultancy,


The smart guide to synthetic sports fields rubber infill

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Martin Sheppard

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