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Global sports impact event study

World Archery Championships 2015

Sportcal (2016). Global sports impact event study: World Archery Championships 2015. London: Sportcal Global Communications Ltd.

The World Archery Championships 2015 were held in Copenhagen, Denmark, and featured a record number of participants (590) from more nations than ever before (92), bettering the previous participation high set in Turin in 2011. The event took place across two venues in the city, with the finals held in front of Christiansborg Palace, the Danish parliament building, in a temporary venue with a peak capacity of 1,336. The estimated cumulative attendance of the event was 7,360. All four sessions of the finals weekend were sold out, whilst the preliminary venue was non-ticketed. A total of 32 hours coverage was broadcast on domestic broadcaster TV2, with live, highlights and delayed coverage reaching 12 broadcasters across a potential 90 TV nations, spanning five continents. Including magazine and news programming, TV coverage reached a potential 170 nations across 31 broadcasters. 

Uitgever(s): Sportcal Global Communications Ltd,


Global sports impact event study : World Archery Championships 2015

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