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The Olympic Games as a catalyst for infrastructure development

Gimbrere, F., Ligthart, E., Judge, L., Zeeman, M., & Bruggink, P.B. (2017). The Olympic Games as a catalyst for infrastructure development. Nyenrode Sports Leadership Program 2016-2017.

In this paper, the authors would like to argue that hosting any major sporting event (including the Olympic Games) can positively contribute to strengthening the (economic) position of any country, but in particular that of the Netherlands. A major opportunity presents itself in the form of spatial development, specifically regional and national infrastructure. Infrastructure within a region facilitates movement which stimulates interaction between people and assists with the efficient transfer of both goods and services. This sense of inclusion creates opportunity for innovation and trade, not only nationally and regionally but also internationally. The Dutch government wants to stimulate this type of development, setting aside 40 billion euros between now and 2040 to realising this goal. To speed up the process of spatial and infrastructure development, the authors believe that the Dutch government should endorse the OG, using it as a catalyst to realise development targets ahead of schedule. Given the complex discussions that take place on the pros and cons of hosting major sporting events it is necessary to discuss not only why infrastructure projects and spatial development goals should be brought forward but also what kind of leadership is required to ensure that a balanced discussion is held on the subject. What does it take to successfully organize large-scale, multi-stakeholder, public investments for example? Why do some leaders succeed and others fail in complex environments? And, more specifically, what are the characteristics and habits of successful leaders?

Uitgever(s): Nyenrode Sports Leadership Program 2016-2017,


The Olympic Games as a catalyst for infrastructure development

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Frank Gimbrere
Ernst Ligthart
Lucas Judge
Merijn Zeeman
Pieter Bas Bruggink

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