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Sport & physical activity across the lifespan

critical perspectives

Dionigi, R.A., & Gard, M. (2018). Sport & physical activity across the lifespan: critical perspectives. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

This edited collection interrogates trajectories of health promotion as they relate to sport and physical activity across the lifespan. It provides a distinctive critical social science perspective of the various age-focussed sport promotion policy directions to reveal their implications for individuals and society. It offers an array of theoretical and methodologically diverse approaches and highlights the intersections between different life stages and social, economic and cultural factors in the developed world, including class, gender, ability, family dynamics and/or race. It contains a critical examination of: organised sport for pre-schoolers and older adults; 'at risk' youth sport programmes; and the creation of sporting sub-cultures within the mid-life 'market'. This book will be of interest to those wanting to learn more about how age and life stages affect the way people think about and participate in sport, and to better understand the impacts of sport across the lifespan.

Uitgever(s): Palgrave Macmillan,


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Rylee Dionigi
Michael Gard

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