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Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games legacy

final evaluation report

(2018). Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games legacy: final evaluation report. Edinburgh: The Scottish Government.

The XX Commonwealth Games was held in Glasgow between the 23 July and 3 August 2014. It was the largest multi-sport and cultural event ever held in Scotland.

Since the original bid in 2007, partners have emphasised their desire to leverage the best possible social and economic benefit from the Games. These benefits are often collectively described as ‘legacy’. In 2009, the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council (GCC) published legacy plans setting out the outcomes partners hoped to contribute to through the Games and associated legacy programmes.

Glasgow City Council and partners also undertook a health impact assessment in 2012 which made a number of recommendations which aimed ensure that the health and wellbeing of Glasgow's people could be improved through the Games.

The Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and partners committed to a long term evaluation of legacy to generate learning for Parliament, Games partners, future bidders and hosts and to add significantly to the evidence base internationally on major sporting events and legacy. A Games Legacy Evaluation Working Group (GLEWG) was established in January 2012 to design and deliver the evaluation. The evaluation had 6 key questions which are addressed in subsequent chapters of this report, namely:

What effect have the Games had on:

  • the economy, businesses, employment, training and volunteering? (Chapter 3)
  • the lives of the community in the area of Glasgow’s East End most directly affected? (Chapter 4)
  • sports infrastructure, sports participation and physical activity? (Chapter 5)
  • civic pride and international reputation? (Chapter 6)
  • the cultural sector and cultural engagement? (Chapter 7)
  • partnership working between agencies and sectors? (Chapters 2 and 8)


Legacy evaluation findings and evidence reviews have already been extensively used by Scottish Government and partners for legacy planning. The earlier reports are:


This report provides a final summary. It recaps on the main findings in the above publications, updates the substantial previous work (where possible) and sets out some key lessons for future hosts. The additional evidence presented in this report comes from the following main sources:

  • Updates provide by a number of legacy partners (3 years on) that look again at the use of infrastructure and describe the lessons they have taken into future events planning, including the 2018 European Championships.
  • A small number of further research studies and evaluations that have been finalised in the period since the last publication in 2015.
  • The GoWell East study – further results from the long-term community study including the third survey sweep of adult householders and a survey and qualitative study of the new residents in the former Athletes’ Village.


This report is the fourth and final of the planned series.

Uitgever(s): The Scottish Government,


Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games legacy : final evaluation report

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Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games legacy : summary findings

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