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Social Inclusion Games 2018

Stichting Social Inclusion Games Netherlands (2018). Social Inclusion Games 2018. Stichting Social Inclusion Games Netherlands.

From 9 July until 4 August 2018, the Social Inclusion Games (SIG) took place in Enschede, the Netherlands. In total, 1711 participants, from 7 different European countries took part in the event. Besides this, 200 professionals, 130 volunteers, and 20 local sports clubs were present to support the participants.

One goal is to create and promote sport and a wide sport movement throughout Europe, amongst organisations working with socially marginalized groups.

Therefore, this handout consists of two parts:

  1. Methodologies: research is being done, by the project team; about the different methodologies used in different countries about sport and socially marginalized groups. The methodology research aims to give social workers in Europe inspiration to use sport as a tool for rehabilitation, in day to day life.
  2. Evaluation of the social impact of the Games: an independent monitoring and evaluation study was conducted by DSP (research bureau) among the different target groups of the Social Inclusion Games. The monitoring and evaluation study focussed on how these different target groups experienced the Games, in order to get an indication of the social impact of the Games.

In part one, this handout shows three methodologies used in the Netherlands and Denmark and are specifically designed and used for the target group, socially marginalized people. Examples will be given how social workers use sport in their day to day guidance of their clients.

In part two is show what the outcomes are of the several questionnaires that were set out among the different target groups, during and after the SIG. These quantitative results are illustrated by information and quotes from interviews held during (and after) the SIG.

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Social Inclusion Games 2018 : handout: sport as a tool for rehabilitation in day to day life

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Stichting Social Inclusion Games Netherlands

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