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Implementing exercise in healthcare settings

the potential of implementation science

Czosnek, L., Rankin, N., Zopf, E., Richards, J., Rosenbaum, S., & Cormie, P. (2019). Implementing exercise in healthcare settings: the potential of implementation science. Sports medicine

Exercise is an efficacious therapy for many chronic diseases. Integrating efficacious evidence-based interventions (EBIs), such as exercise, into daily healthcare practice is a slow and complex pursuit. Implementation science seeks to understand and address this phenomenon by conducting studies about the methods used to promote the routine uptake of EBIs. The purpose of this article is to explore implementation science and a common conceptual framework in the discipline, the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR), as it applies to exercise EBI. We conclude by offering recommendations for future research that leverage implementation science priorities to highlight the potential of this research field for advancing the implementation of exercise EBI.



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Louise Czosnek
Nicole Rankin
Eva Zopf
Justin Richards
Simon Rosenbaum
Prue Cormie

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chronische aandoeningen