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Sedentary behavior and public health

integrating the evidence and identifying potential solutions

Owen, N., Healy, G.N., Dempsey, P.C., Salmon, J., & Dunsdon, S. (2020). Sedentary behavior and public health: integrating the evidence and identifying potential solutions. Annual review of public health 41 (pp. 265-287)

The authors present relevant elements of the evidence base and examples of interventions that can inform public health strategies, being mindful that the evidence and its limitations, strengths, and potential implications need to be evaluated both critically and constructively. Their perspective is rooted in a public health approach informed by the behavioral epidemiology framework and an ecological model of sedentary behavior. They emphasize the interplay of evidence from observational and experimental studies as well as the development and testing of scalable interventions to reduce sitting in workplaces and schools.



Sedentary behavior and public health

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Neville Owen
Genevieve Healy
Paddy Dempsey
Jo Salmon
Sarah Dunsdon

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