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EU workplan sport 2021-2024

Council of the European Union (2020). EU workplan sport 2021-2024. Council of the European Union.

This workplan focuses on key activities and acts as a guiding instrument for development and promotion of co-operation between EU institutions, Member States and sport stakeholders.

Physical activity promotion has a prominent place in the Plan, with the promotion of participation in sport and health-enhancing physical activity listed as a key priority in the coming years. This will also include promotion and investment in physical activity and the creation of opportunities for sport and physical activity for all generations. Going forward, skills and qualifications in sport will also be prioritised through best-practice exchanges and knowledge building. The other priority areas are protecting the integrity and values in sport and the socio-economic and environmental dimensions of sport.

The Plan also includes actions on gender equality in sport, to ensure that in leadership positions and coaching there will be an increased share of women in these roles, as well as equal conditions of all athletes with enhanced media coverage on women in sport.

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EU workplan sport 2021-2024

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Council of the European Union

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