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Active travel and mid-life

evidence on attitudes and on the role of the built environment

Cavill, N., & Davis, A. (2021). Active travel and mid-life: evidence on attitudes and on the role of the built environment. London: Centre for Ageing Better.

This evidence review reveals the things encouraging people to participate in ‘active travel’ include the prospect of improving physical and mental health, being outdoors, feeling independent and in control, and preparing for an active retirement.
Distances that are too great, bad weather, issues around safety, fear of traffic, a lack of confidence, declining health and/or disability and the lack of an active travel habit across the life course are among the factors that act as barriers to people in this age group walking and cycling.
The research shows that, in order to increase uptake of active travel, local authorities should invest more in walking and cycling infrastructure – maintaining pavements and cycle lanes, improving deteriorating surfaces and designing street networks that make it easier to get to local shops, services and transport links.

Uitgever(s): Centre for Ageing Better, Sustrans,


Active travel and mid-life

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Nick Cavill
Adrian Davis

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