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Sport in the Netherlands

a short introduction

Tiessen-Raaphorst, A., & Breedveld, K. (2007). Sport in the Netherlands: a short introduction. The Hague: Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP).

Sport is a popular pastime in the Netherlands; 10 million people take part in at least one sport. To do this, they can choose from more than 27,000 non-profit sports clubs, or more than 5,000 commercial providers such as fitness centres or riding stables. These clubs and commercial providers make use of almost 8,000 sports facilities throughout the country. Among the most popular sports are football, swimming, cycling, fitness training and tennis. The Dutch not only take part in sport, but also help with the organisation: 11% of the population are active as volunteers in sport. Internationally, the Netherlands can boast a number of exceptional sporting performances at the highest level, such as the many swimming medals won by Inge de Bruijn and Pieter van den Hoogenband or the renowned skills of the Dutch national football team. In this publication the Social and Cultural Planning Office of the Netherlands (SCP) has selected the most notable data on sport in the Netherlands in order to give the reader a picture of the Dutch sporting landscape.

Uitgever(s): Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP),


Sport in the Netherlands

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Annet Tiessen-Raaphorst
Koen Breedveld

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