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Physical activity promotion in general practice

patient attitudes

Elley, C.R., Dean, S., & Kerse, N. (2007). Physical activity promotion in general practice: patient attitudes. Australian Family Physician 36

Background: Long term adherence to primary care physical activity intervention is poor. This study explored attitudes and subjective experiences of those who received such an intervention.

Methods: Nested qualitative study within mixed methods approach, involving 15 sedentary adults from urban and rural general practices in New Zealand. Semistructured telephone interviews were conducted, transcribed, and analysed using an inductive approach to identify themes.

Results: Four themes emerged including: tailoring of advice given; barriers to physical activity such as weather, physical environment, time, health and psychological limitations; internal motivators such as immediate or long term psychological, health or spiritual benefits, commitment, and guilt; and the role of significant others such as health and exercise professionals in initiating advice and continuing support, social interaction and commitment or contracts made to others.

Discussion: This study highlights the need for a personalised approach, continued structured external support and the need to focus on barriers and facilitators.



Physical activity promotion in general practice : patient attitudes

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Carolyn Raina Elley
Sarah Dean
Ngaire Kerse

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