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Physical activity and the environment

NICE guideline [NG90]

(2018). Physical activity and the environment: NICE guideline [NG90]. London: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

This guideline covers how to improve the physical environment to encourage and support physical activity. The aim is to increase the general population’s physical activity levels. The recommendations in this guideline should be read alongside NICE's guideline on physical activity: walking and cycling.

This guideline includes recommendations on:

  • strategies, policies and plans to increase physical activity in the local environment
  • active travel
  • public open spaces
  • buildings
  • schools

Who is it for?

  • Local authorities and metro mayors, including agencies contracted to deliver environmental changes for local authorities
  • Others responsible for open spaces used by the public such as in workplaces, community-owned gardens and playing fields
  • Housing, local enterprise partnerships and others responsible for the built environment
  • Public transport planners and providers
  • Organisations working to ensure people with limited mobility can be physically active

It may also be relevant for members of the public.

Uitgever(s): National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence,


Physical activity and the environment

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