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Canada's physical activity guides

background, process, and development

Sharrat, M.T., & Hearst, W.E. (2007). Canada's physical activity guides: background, process, and development.

This historical background paper chronicles the major events leading to the development of Canada's physical activity guides (for children, youth, adults, and older adults). The paper outlines the process and the steps used, including information (where applicable) regarding national partners, project administration, Health Canada communications, product development, endorsement, distribution and implementation, collateral activities, media relations and evaluation framework. Brief summaries of the science that led to the recommended guidelines are included. The paper also summarizes the various physical activity guide assessment and evaluation projects and their findings, particularly as they relate to research carried out on Canada's physical activity guides for children and youth (and the associated support resources).

Uitgever(s): NRC Canada, Canadian Public Health Association,


Canada's physical activity guides : background, process, and development

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Michael Sharrat
William Hearst

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