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Physical activity guidelines and guides for Canadians

facts and future

Tremblay, M.S., Shephard, R.J., Brawley, L.R., Cameron, C., Craig, C.L., Duggan, M., ... Zehr, L. (2007). Physical activity guidelines and guides for Canadians: facts and future.

This article summarizes the main findings from the papers included in this journal supplement. It consolidates the evidence currently available to inform and advance the development of physical activity guidelines for Canadians, and it highlights the specific needs of various population subgroups. The challenges of translating guideline information into effective and persuasive physical activity messages, of campaigns to disseminate messages, and of related evaluations are underlined. Recommendations on how to proceed are based on the evidence base provided by this series of papers; the immediate next steps mandated by this initiative are outlined and priorities for future research are indicated.

Uitgever(s): NRC Canada, Canadian Public Health Association,


Physical activity guidelines and guides for Canadians : facts and future

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Mark Tremblay
Roy Shephard
Lawrence Brawley
Christine Cameron
Cora Lynn Craig
Mary Duggan
Dale Esliger
William Hearst
Audrey Hicks
Ian Janssen
Peter Katzmarzyk
Amy Latimer-Cheung
Kathleen Martin Ginis
Ashlee McGuire
Donald Paterson
Michael Sharrat
John Spence
Brian Timmons
Darren Warburton
T. Kue Young
Lori Zehr

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evidence-based medicine