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Motivating people to be physically active

Marcus, B.H., & Forsyth, L.H. (2003). Motivating people to be physically active. Leeds: Human Kinetics.

This book is a comprehensive reference describing proven methods for helping people change from inactive to active living.

The behavior change methods are useful not only for healthy adults but also for individuals with chronic physical and psychological conditions. The renowned authors describe intervention programs for individuals and groups and in workplace and community settings. In this book you will learn how to

  • improve motivation by understanding the key psychological principles of behavior change;
  • assess your clients' physical activity patterns, readiness, motivations, and barriers;
  • use a 5-stage model to measure motivational readiness for physical activity; and
  • apply stage-specific strategies for individual, group, workplace, and community interventions.

In addition to exercises and various reproducible log pages and worksheets, this book has eight sample reproducible questionnaires for evaluating the effectiveness of programs.

This is an essential resource for health professionals who want to improve their effectiveness as they plan, develop, implement, and evaluate physical activity programs.

Uitgever(s): Human Kinetics,


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Bess Marcus
LeighAnn Forsyth

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