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European health report 2009

health and health systems

World Health Organization (WHO) (2009). European health report 2009: health and health systems. Kopenhagen: WHO Europe.

This report summarizes facts and public health trends in the European Region and discusses the strengthening of health systems in each of their functions: service delivery, resource generation, financing and stewardship.

The Annex provides some of the data used in the analysis and conclusions on the current and future health challenges in the European Region.

The evidence presented includes:

  • the burden of disease from specified conditions;
  • how strongly specific risk factors affect specific diseases and conditions;
  • selected public health interventions that can clearly improve health if the contextual factors for successful implementation are considered; and
  • the role of health systems in addressing the myriad health issues in the Region.

Uitgever(s): WHO Europe,


European health report 2009 : health and health systems

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World Health Organization (WHO)

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