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EventIMPACTS toolkit

UK Sport (2010). EventIMPACTS toolkit. London: UK Sport.

UK event industry experts unveiled eventIMPACTS, the first toolkit of its kind for the UK, at the annual Legacy Lives conference in London. EventIMPACTS provides guidelines for the evaluation of social, economic, environmental and media related impacts associated with staging major sporting and cultural events and aims to help create an industry standard in evaluating the impact of events. The toolkit has been created by UK Sport, VisitBritain, Event Scotland, the London Development Agency, the North West Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward and Glasgow City Marketing Bureau. It can be downloaded at and is targeted primarily towards event owners, funders, sponsors and event industry employees across the UK. The eventIMPACTS toolkit offers advice and guidance on how to go about measuring the impact of events and why this is so important for the industry. EventIMPACTS also shows how the toolkit works through detailed case studies and offers advice for events of all sizes and types.

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EventIMPACTS toolkit

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